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There seems to be some kind of theme involving triumph of the human spirit (or its inverse, in the case of Ran and Dead Poet's Society)

  1. Pleasantville
  2. Mary Poppins
  3. Ran
  4. Sandlot
  5. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  6. Star Wars series (with apologies to all who are rolling their eyes reading this one).
  7. Dersu Uzala
  8. Dead Poet's Society
  9. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
  10. Finding Forrester

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Even if you are only going 2 miles an hour, don't run stop signs, especially on a bicycle, and especially in Austin Texas.

This is where I learned my first lesson.

first lesson

I was at this stop sign a couple months ago, and I rode through it without fully stopping. I shouldn't have done it, but I did. Read more »

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Paul Carapetyan is my brother, and today Wed Jan 30th is his 50th birthday. So it's OK that I would blog about him :)

Paul Carapetyan Family May 2008 

Paul Carapetyan with his children Lucy, David, and Anna Read more »

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Today I borrowed Jack from his new owner, it had been over 4 months since I gave him up for adoption, and since it's Sunday and I wasn't supposed to go cycling until my injuries heal,  I had time to just hang out with him. Read more »

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Somehow I ended up taking NLP coursework to get better results in sales and communications at work. This is an interesting decision - given my distaste for all that psycho-babble touchy feely stuff that seems to dominate every bookstore and coffee shop. NLP seemed safe to me - they pretty much stay away from content, just what you want to do and how to go about it. Read more »

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When we took the shuttle from Crested Butte back to Gunnison to catch our flight home, the views were so breathtaking I made a slide show. (Thumbs below as teaser)


From these 100 or so shots,  I produced two different flash slide shows, each 3 1/2 minutes.

This one is only a couple of meg so no big deal for your internet connection. Click on the image below to open up in a new window. Read more »

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Inspired by Tom Singleton in yesterday's blog, I spent yesterday learning to snowboard.

The rules are simple if not a bit challenging to commit to muscle memory. Much like skiing, just less forgiving. Read more »

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What If ?

When I tried to shoot video while I was skiing, at first it was pretty cool that I could do it even at all. Got pretty excited about it until I watched the results.

It's impossible for someone of my skill level to ski fast and hold the viewfinder to my eyeball. So the result is very mixed. Read more »

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Tom Singleton is from Australia. He had never seen snow before.

Captions by Alice Carapetyan, photos by Pete.

tom singleton

 This was his first day snowboarding. Read more »

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Mostly pics today, yes it was a perfect day skiing!

Click on any picture to see the big view.

Slopes groomed perfectly, of course, for our first runs. Note that this is not man made snow, the forests to the sides are just as white as the slope!


Looking back down on the village from the first run. Read more »