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This blog was originally written in 2009 for my 55th birthday, updated with new numbers on 56th birthday. Please note that all numbers are estimated despite appearing to be more accurate.

Age 56 - June 2010

Cycling for 26 years (less a couple of hairy years in the early '90s, not sure exactly which ones).

Current estimated total miles on 56th birthday.

40,165 miles total.

30,000 miles on 1986 Cannondale.

10,000 miles on Trek Madone 5.2

100 miles on 1994 LiteSpeed Read more »

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So far, I have run in at least these following Turkey Trots:

  Read more »

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When the John Wayne School Of Management Isn't Enough

I'm sure I'm not the only one that acts like they know it all when it comes to managing. "What would John Wayne do?" It's a cute approach, and I know it really does work for a lot of people, just doubt that I am one of them. I really need to study a reasonable amount to be barely passable, my "natural" skills are in other areas. Read more »

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My son Jeff is 20, which means he

won't take a normal vacation with me, or at least that's all I can figure. But he'll go cycling, so no complaints there. This is our second year to cruise the roads of the Texas hill country.

That's our annual vacation :)  Oh well, you do what you can. Read more »

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Could there really be a "Fountain of Youth" ?

When Ponce de Leon went to the "New World" to discover the fountain of youth over 500 years ago, there was apparently this goofy belief that there could be such a thing as a place you could go that would make you younger.

What a silly idea - and welcome to White Rock Lake, in my home town of Dallas, Texas, where it really comes true. Read more »

Poetry Slam In Austin

22 Mar 2008
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If you knew me even a little bit you would know that I am a giant smart aleck. I've always enjoyed starting fights, riling people up, doing just about anything to get some kind of electricity started. It's not always a great quality to have. Or habit, whatever it is that troublemaking wants to be called. Read more »

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Poetry can be dreadfully serious stuff. Or so I've been told, wouldn't know, I always avoid that kind of poetry moment.

Not this time! No Serious Readings For Sure!

We're going to have a Poetry Slam at the folks house on March 22 from 3-5 PM, and there may not be a serious moment in the whole affair! Read more »

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ropes course

No paid circus performer here, this was my friend Jason jumping off of a 35' high (?) telephone pole onto a trapeze bar. Just about the entire group made it on this jump. More than a little bit scary. Read more »

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Updated Feb 11, 2008 with new photos - all at bottom.

The Zen master asked his student the riddle about "What if a tree fell in the forest and nobody heard it, did it make a sound?"

What if the tree was in an artist's community?

... and it hadn't fallen yet?  It was dead, sure. But dead trees sometimes take years to fall. Read more »