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My name is Pete Carapetyan, and I am an expert in the field of hubris.

That's probably why I feel motivated to take on the slogan of "Learn to live, live to learn." The older I get, the more important it becomes to know less than I did yesterday. As I get older and my knowledge has increased, all this knowledge has become a real impediment to my well being, and the well being of others around me. There has to be a better way. Read more »

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The first thing I promised myself after a 15 month contract finished was a straight 21 day cycling spree.

I finished it Tuesday of this week. That was a couple days ago, and my body is still thinking about what it was that I did to it. I swear, I've even got callouses on my butt now, on the bone tips that touch the seat. Guess it's only logical.

It's been nice getting a couple of whole days of work in without a riding interruption, but mostly it's been nice just getting some physical rest, and trying to remember what normal feels like. 


I've got all my best photos from this circuit stored mostly on this blog. Too lazy to re-post them here. They are pretty though.

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The Adventure Begins

23 Apr 2010
Posted by Pete Carapetyan

Is it better to create your own product? Or someone else's?

For 10 years at our little software shop, we've always answered that question as the latter. We're good at delivering results, and our modest customer base has appreciated our work enough to keep us busy full time creating the software they need.

We've developed software under contract, for

  • a Fortune 500 shipping company
  • one of the largest defense contractors in the world
  • a small startup
  • a Fortune 500 retailer
  • others...

But never for our own retail customers, and never on our own software product.

That all changes, this year - today even. Today, the very same programmer that writes this blog begins work full time on a series of software products that we will sell retail. This seems like an almost bizarre move, given the nature of the software market and our total lack of experience as a retail provider.

What Products will we Create and Sell?

 You should never have to read unrelated stuff to get where you want to go. Read more »

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Welcome to Pete Carapetyan's future blog site.

It's gathering steam until January 1st 2010, the official launch date. Until then, it's just practice runs, trying to get the technology all up and working properly.

Until then, please feel free to visit my other forms of web presence

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This blog was originally written in 2009 for my 55th birthday, updated with new numbers on 56th birthday. Please note that all numbers are estimated despite appearing to be more accurate.

Age 56 - June 2010

Cycling for 26 years (less a couple of hairy years in the early '90s, not sure exactly which ones).

Current estimated total miles on 56th birthday.

40,165 miles total.

30,000 miles on 1986 Cannondale.

10,000 miles on Trek Madone 5.2

100 miles on 1994 LiteSpeed Read more »

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Could there really be a "Fountain of Youth" ?

When Ponce de Leon went to the "New World" to discover the fountain of youth over 500 years ago, there was apparently this goofy belief that there could be such a thing as a place you could go that would make you younger.

What a silly idea - and welcome to White Rock Lake, in my home town of Dallas, Texas, where it really comes true. Read more »