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My name is Pete Carapetyan, and I am an expert in the field of hubris.

That's probably why I feel motivated to take on the slogan of "Learn to live, live to learn." The older I get, the more important it becomes to know less than I did yesterday. As I get older and my knowledge has increased, all this knowledge has become a real impediment to my well being, and the well being of others around me. There has to be a better way.

About Hubris

So far, I know all about hubris.

  • how to do it
  • what it feels like
  • what happens afterwards.

I have 5 decades of experience in this area, and not just casual experience, but real, diligent, day in and day out persistence at it. Hubris comes as naturally to me as breathing.

You could also say that I have hubris about the topic of hubris, because I feel so confident in my knowledge of this topic.

One might wonder what this has to do with betterology or being a betterologist, but betterology is just a made-up word anyway! (Making up words is a good example of hubris, eh?) We still don't know for sure what betterology means in the practical sense, but we're pretty sure we know where it lives.

Look for betterology on the axis of certainty <--|--> uncertainty. Where you find people  who are neither certain nor uncertain, there you will find real examination going on. Indeed, the spirit behind "Better" + "ology".  Or, spoken in another way, if you already know, you can't be a betterologist, because betterologists are studying what they don't know, not pontificating on what they do know.

People like me who seem to be certain of everything they know, that's pretty much the opposite then, isn't it? Or, uncertainty - same thing - if you are too uncertain, learning has nothing to stick to. So if I could live in the middle, never certain, never uncertain, maybe then I'd be a real betterologist.

Until then, I'll just pretend. 

If that's not enough about me, my bio is kept here.