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Our trip to Crested Butte flew across the arid west, so started out with the usual array of crop circles out the window

crop circles

As soon as we got further west, however, our view changed to snow, snow, everywhere. Read more »

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Today I do what I have only dreamed about doing for years - publish a picture/video log of my favorite past time - cycling.

Cycling has been a constant in my life, I've logged 30,000 miles over the past 20 years, and it only seems to get more enjoyable every year. Read more »

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Today's blog is a tribute to Erik Weibust who got me started in all this blogging mess.

What it's about, to me, is courage and the willingness to expose one's truth.

Erik has had a blog for years now and is a pretty good role model for people like me who are too shy and easily embarrassed to do something like this without a lot of modeling by others. Read more »