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Tire Switch on Bike 2 lbs Lighter

18 Sep 2010
Posted by Pete Carapetyan

Switched out tires today on my "training" bike that I purchased [used] earlier this year.

This bicycle is now over 2 lbs lighter. And best of all, it is weight that is lost in the wheels, which is the best place to lose weight, according to those who know these things.

Pretty nice gain for me, it rides like a completely different bike with that weight difference.

Replaced with Vittoria Open Courso Evo

I replaced the old tires with really nice Vittoria tires that I will regret, because one can only get about 1000 miles on these guys before they start getting flats. But they sure are a sweet ride. These new tires are the best I can get at the local bike shops. 

Too bad for me that these new tires cost me about 5 cents a mile for my yearly average - unless I want to get more frequent flats by wearing them down too far. My average over the last 20 years is one flat every 2 or 3 years or so.

I'll probably go back to black chili tires eventually due to better tread wear, but I got pissed off about all the sidewall cuts I kept getting. When I bought the fourth tire in less than a year due to inexplicable sidewall cuts, I felt forced to look elsewhere for a while.