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What If I Lived In Austin Instead Of Dallas? Today's Bike Ride....

06 Jan 2008
Posted by Pete Carapetyan

Today I do what I have only dreamed about doing for years - publish a picture/video log of my favorite past time - cycling.

Cycling has been a constant in my life, I've logged 30,000 miles over the past 20 years, and it only seems to get more enjoyable every year.

Figured out how to take a camera with me on a very sweet and familiar route, so here is my video blog of the highlights. (5 minutes, approx). The video of me going down the hills is pretty scary, it was scary just trying to hold the camera when going that fast.
 Link To Video Blog Click picture to go to video blog.

  Teaser Photo:

Teaser Shot

Stats from the weekend's rides are expressed below in calories burned from my heart monitor, don't know my mileage on my Austin rides, plus there are so many hills it would be all skewed anyway.

885 calories burned
443 calories burned
429 calories burned
440 calories burned

130-143 average heart rate from above rides
170 highest heart rate

Apologies to anyone who gets the crazy idea that I do this for exercise or even health reasons. This is pure joy for me, always has been. All the other benefits are just kind of nice.