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What If Some Guy Invented A Water Bike For Fishing?

10 May 2008
Posted by Pete Carapetyan

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I'm revising this blog today May 16th to update the new info Bob sent me. He is "Some Guy" in the title because I didn't even know him until after I took the picture and posted this blog.

Originally, I was taking pictures for my White Rock Lake blog and this guy in the pics wanted me to send me copies, so why not just feature him in his own blog post ? He yelled out to me in our mutual introduction of ourselves over the water. "What's your email address?"

"But where should I send it ?" I hollered back. I was thinking he could figure out some way to google for the pics that I put on or something.

"It's right here on the boat  -" he replied. Now that makes it a lot easier, I'm thinking.

Sure enough, there it is, big as life.

Originally I titled this blog "What If Some Guy Invented a Fishing Paddleboat ?" He pinged me back to inform me it wasn't a paddleboat, it was propeller driven ! He calls it a "Water Bike"  Now we're talking my language - it's related to a bike. :)



Don't know about you, but it still excites me when someone gets out there and puts everything on the line and creates his own product and markets it to the world. I'm not a fisherman so this is way off on the "long tail" of the market for me. Pretty cool that the guy that is in the market can just look this guy up and order their boat right on line.

Except it isn't an "it" as in a singular choice, they have a whole line of paddlewheel fishing boats to chose from.

Some Other Facts He Sent Me Later:

The Fishing Bike is propelled by a prop not a paddle.
The big difference is speed and maneuverability, and calorie burn.
The Fishing Bike is like riding a recumbent bike.
It is very quiet. You can sneak up on wild life and take excellent photos.

Email me and I will send you some photos of Eagles that I took from the
Fishing Bike.

The Fishing Bike gives excellent aerobic exercise. Think how much more
pleasurable it will be to be on the Fishing Bike when the Dallas Temp is in
the 90'.
Plus the Fishing Bike disassembles and will fit on your car carrier.

On the trip you photographed me, I caught several nice size Large Mouth Bass and few huge Crappie weighing
over 4 pounds. I took photos of the fish and released them.


His Fishing Pics

He sent me these pics from the same trip as above, I added them to this and I also added them to my White Rock Fishing pics, even one for my White Rock Bird pics.

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One shown here without going to Picasa:


It all happens here guys, right at White Rock Lake. :)