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Once: Movie Review

12 Sep 2010
Posted by Pete Carapetyan

"Once" is one of the better films you might see, because it has the juice.

The raw, electric energy of music being made at a personal level creates the spirit of this film. The performances are spine tingling at times.


They spent less making this film than most films spend on coffee service for the film crews, and it shows in a good way. This film is deeply honest, and the best place they saved money is on the actors. They used a couple real musicians, and the word "real" here can be read in all it's many meanings. You'll enjoy them all the way through. Actors, they are not, and you won't wish they were. Read more »

Posted by Pete Carapetyan

Jeff turned me on to this one today:

Not a whole lot of videos that I'd put on a blog. You won't be disappointed. This one goes to the core.

Clearwire 4g Review

09 Sep 2010
Posted by Pete Carapetyan

I've never dealt with nicer people than the people at Clearwire Corporation, or the unknown "independent" dealer that made the 4G internet sale to me here in Dallas. Really nice folks, top to bottom, and I've had to talk to a bunch of people, so that's saying a lot.

A disaster in every way - other than very nice people:

Everything else about my experience trying to get Clear 4G to work as my internet provider was a complete disaster. Here's the summary version. I've got hours and hours and hours invested in trying to make this work, hundreds of dollars in charges, and not one day of usable service to show for it. Read more »

Posted by Pete Carapetyan

This is my personal blog, but who am I?

At first you might think I'm simply a cycling enthusiast, after a casual glance at how many of my blog topics revolve around this topic. I get my butt kicked on a regular basis by younger riders on fast bikes. This happens at White Rock Lake in Dallas. That is where most of the cycling action is in my town. Read more »

Posted by Pete Carapetyan

My younger brother Paul, made an honest woman out of his long time girlfriend Julia, this past weekend.

A short ceremony and celebration:

Paul and Julia promised a short ceremony and a celebration. The ceremony wasn't as short as the we might have anticipated, but the great party made up for it in spades.

There was so much fun that it took 15 videos to cover it. Mostly, the different videos split things up to allow you to to just pick and choose from what you might wish to see. The first few minutes of the Grand Entrance make for a particularly amusing view. Read more »

Posted by Pete Carapetyan

This is a fascinating video from several perspectives. Read more »

Posted by Pete Carapetyan

from Green Car Reports, Coda is an all electric with 100+ mile range, that comes with a 110 extension cord plug in it's trunk to plug in to any 110 outlet.

It has a cute, watchable 3 minute video:

Posted by Pete Carapetyan

Got this email announcing, among other things, 17 new trail maps for Dallas:


Checking Them Out

Posted by Pete Carapetyan

If you've ever been some place that is so cool that you're pinching yourself because you can't believe it, this might be one of those places. The Smithsonian flight museum is less cool by half, because these planes get out of the hanger and start flying around while you're watching. Goosebumps.

These planes are loud, just like old planes would be expected to be. You're watching real guys do real crew work. The electricity is palpable. And these planes were built by Rosie the Riveter, so this is the real thing. You'll feel it. Read more »

Posted by Pete Carapetyan

 I'll be riding with hundreds of thousands of others worldwide on Wednesday, during the annual "Ride of Silence" 

What is the Ride of Silence?

The short version is it's just that - In hundreds of cities across the world, cyclists meet and ride in silence, to honor those who have been killed by cars.

This ride has taken on a life of it's own in only a few years since it's founding. The most moving and personal description that I have found is in this article in a local weekly, by the ride's founder Chris Phelan.

Read more »