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Clearwire 4g Review

09 Sep 2010
Posted by Pete Carapetyan

I've never dealt with nicer people than the people at Clearwire Corporation, or the unknown "independent" dealer that made the 4G internet sale to me here in Dallas. Really nice folks, top to bottom, and I've had to talk to a bunch of people, so that's saying a lot.

A disaster in every way - other than very nice people:

Everything else about my experience trying to get Clear 4G to work as my internet provider was a complete disaster. Here's the summary version. I've got hours and hours and hours invested in trying to make this work, hundreds of dollars in charges, and not one day of usable service to show for it.

  • The equipment was pretty difficult to set up, it took lots of custom settings stuff in the configuration, hours dealing with support in the background. Typing coded text into config setup files is never a good thing for a consumer product.
  • Never did work. Bad, very bad speed (yes, they checked my location first before signing me up)
  • Spent hours with support, (nice guys!) but then they dropped my service request for the rest of the trial period. Would not even return calls during same period.
  • Finally had to return equipment to dealer within trial period, service never got fixed. Dealer took my equipment, said all was well.
  • Found out months later dealer never cancelled my order and Clear is still charging my credit card for monthly service.
  • Dealer never did turn in equipment. Clear wants me to pay for that too now.
  • Hours on the phone with Clear (really nice people) but no results for weeks.
  • Clear the corporation tells me their dealers are independent and they have no responsibility for their actions. I had no indication I was dealing with anything other than Clear- and that's what it said on the business card and signs in the very expensive and fancy storefront.
  • Dealer doesn't even exist any more, at the store where I purchased it.
  • Dealer's salesperson hasn't returned calls in weeks.

This is a classic run-around. These guys never missed a chance to screw up or be disorganized. I'm still left holding the bag, financially. I've never received a day of service, and we're talking hundreds of dollars. No offer by Clear Corporation to make me whole. 

They were really nice though. And they said they were really sorry. Couldn't agree more, they are definitely sorry.

My guess is that these service problems will all work themselves out in a few years. After all these are really nice people.

Until then, best of luck trying to use this vendor. You may need it.