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Posted by Pete Carapetyan

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an avid cyclist, so it might seem strange that I advise others against taking up this dangerous activity.

A pedestrian was hit by a cyclist and killed this weekend here in Dallas

It happened on one of the most popular hike and bike trails. Here is the story.

There has already been, and will continue to be much talk about how to make that very crowded trail a safer place for cyclists and pedestrians alike. This is necessary, but not sufficient, because wherever there are cyclists there is danger. That's a fact of the sport, regardless of all the good intentions.

This blog is not about how to make it safer, though that is just as important. This blog is about recognizing the danger in the first place. Read more »

Posted by Pete Carapetyan

 I'll be riding with hundreds of thousands of others worldwide on Wednesday, during the annual "Ride of Silence" 

What is the Ride of Silence?

The short version is it's just that - In hundreds of cities across the world, cyclists meet and ride in silence, to honor those who have been killed by cars.

This ride has taken on a life of it's own in only a few years since it's founding. The most moving and personal description that I have found is in this article in a local weekly, by the ride's founder Chris Phelan.

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