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Once: Movie Review

12 Sep 2010
Posted by Pete Carapetyan

"Once" is one of the better films you might see, because it has the juice.

The raw, electric energy of music being made at a personal level creates the spirit of this film. The performances are spine tingling at times.


They spent less making this film than most films spend on coffee service for the film crews, and it shows in a good way. This film is deeply honest, and the best place they saved money is on the actors. They used a couple real musicians, and the word "real" here can be read in all it's many meanings. You'll enjoy them all the way through. Actors, they are not, and you won't wish they were. Read more »

Posted by Pete Carapetyan

The film "Departures" showed up in my mailbox this week, and it may go on my top ten list.

Read more »