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15 Jul 2010
Posted by Pete Carapetyan

This is my personal blog, but who am I?

At first you might think I'm simply a cycling enthusiast, after a casual glance at how many of my blog topics revolve around this topic. I get my butt kicked on a regular basis by younger riders on fast bikes. This happens at White Rock Lake in Dallas. That is where most of the cycling action is in my town.

This is the problem. I get too much time to think about stuff.

There's more to the madness here than just cycling. If you read much Neal Howe, you suspect that we're about to enter a big shift, maybe in 2020 or so. Contemporary observers such as Malcom Gladwell or his apparent counterweight Nassim Taleb also point to a change in the way our thinking is evolving in the current zeitgeist. These are more than just passing references to these thinkers and observers, they seem to be significant indicators about the shape of things to come.

I enjoy thinking about where we are. I like to think about where we might be going too,and how we think. Not to worry - I don't know any more than you or anyone else does. Just thoughts.

And I enjoy laughing at my deluded self, seeing how wrong I can be in my overly earnest efforts to seek out ever elusive truths. There's a lot to be wrong about, and I do a really good job at being wrong - I always have.


A world in tumult is always a world of great opportunity. Most opportunities may just be dumb luck, but it's fun to observe what is happening, what has happened, and to guess at underlying trends. So much information, so little understanding.

Like, for example, why do things seem so upside down right now? It's more than politics, the world appears to be chock full of people that claim to know everything important - except what the word hubris means and how to get along with others. Or even just how to get along with self. 

So you see here my attempts at observations. Mostly I'm looking for trends. Pointers. Or just experiences. Or sometimes  just a case of chicken skin.


Being a programmer in my day job, I'm also interested in other things. Sometimes I cover a systems view of the world as only an afflicted programmer could see it, at I track some technical programming issues at For a more complete listing of the sites our little shop maintains, go here.