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Posted by Pete Carapetyan

Here in Texas, we have a vigorous growing season in springtime, especially when it comes to certain species.

Oh well, it looks great anyway. Along side the hundreds of miles of hike&bike trails you might find in the area, you'll find a lot of poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. Does this guy have any clue how close he is getting?

This is what it looks like, close up.

tExpert Advice

02 Oct 2009
Posted by Pete Carapetyan

If you're in Austin, Texas and you get this unexpected feeling "Hmm, there would have to be a very rich and colorful history underneath this layer of skyscraper glitz and contemporary 6th Street glamour" you would be right. So here's my question: How could you tap that rush of feeling that comes from getting intimate with a town (now city) so rich and exciting with history and geography? 

The answer to the question will cost you, but not much. Howie Richey has made it his life’s work to take people back through time, to explore the geography that was Texas, to scratch deeper than the surface, to share stories that enliven the personalities and events that make up the lore that is Texas, its capital city, and the hundreds of Hill Country and prairie miles surrounding it. Read more »