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Posted by Pete Carapetyan

The first thing I promised myself after a 15 month contract finished was a straight 21 day cycling spree.

I finished it Tuesday of this week. That was a couple days ago, and my body is still thinking about what it was that I did to it. I swear, I've even got callouses on my butt now, on the bone tips that touch the seat. Guess it's only logical.

It's been nice getting a couple of whole days of work in without a riding interruption, but mostly it's been nice just getting some physical rest, and trying to remember what normal feels like. 


I've got all my best photos from this circuit stored mostly on this blog. Too lazy to re-post them here. They are pretty though.

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Posted by Pete Carapetyan

Look to other sources for a scientific point of view. What follows below is a purely subjective perspective.


Google Endorphins and you'll get a raft of info, so here's the short version: When you take heroin, or do more than a 25 minutes of physical activity, you release a substance into your body that creates a feeling of well being. That can be a good thing, in the latter case. Read more »