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Blue Ocean

The Adventure Begins

23 Apr 2010
Posted by Pete Carapetyan

Is it better to create your own product? Or someone else's?

For 10 years at our little software shop, we've always answered that question as the latter. We're good at delivering results, and our modest customer base has appreciated our work enough to keep us busy full time creating the software they need.

We've developed software under contract, for

  • a Fortune 500 shipping company
  • one of the largest defense contractors in the world
  • a small startup
  • a Fortune 500 retailer
  • others...

But never for our own retail customers, and never on our own software product.

That all changes, this year - today even. Today, the very same programmer that writes this blog begins work full time on a series of software products that we will sell retail. This seems like an almost bizarre move, given the nature of the software market and our total lack of experience as a retail provider.

What Products will we Create and Sell?