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Google Adds Bike Routes

13 Mar 2010
Posted by Pete Carapetyan

Sample Route

Yesterday I read the news about how cool it was for google maps to have added cycling routes to it's system.

hmmm, I'm a a big believer in computers, and I have this thing for cycling, so this could be a good combination.

I started to think that this was a big loser:

It found the hike&bike park trail that I always use, that was invaluable if you didn't know about it. But the city streets? I don't think so

These would be the best roads to take if you wanted to get run over by a truck.

But Wait!

There's this drag thing.

I took one last look on my failed attempt on google maps - and it has this drag feature.. You just grab a part of the route with your mouse that looks like it has too much traffic, to one that looks like it has less, it takes seconds, and works flawlessly.

I used the drag to map the route that it has taken me years to learn, by experimentation. Yikes. I think this might be pretty cool after all! Check this out.


I do love google. It's just hard not to.