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Exercise NO, Dopamine Yes

01 Jan 2010
Posted by Pete Carapetyan

It's another new year, and people all over the world are resolving once again to exercise. Yuck.

Just say no.

Any sentence with the word exercise in it is a sentence to avoid. Never let it escape your lips.

I'm a dopamine addict. I get as much physical activity as a person might wish, but if I called that exercise it would be a problem. Instead, it's a chemical addiction. 

Do you know anyone who eats or drinks or drugs too much, in order to "feel better"? That's me, but my drug of choice is dopamine. I get it from cycling, or more specifically, from about 25 minutes into a typical cycling circuit. That's when I can feel the dopamine release into my system.

Type "runner's high" into any search engine. Cycling is same, just not so hard on the body, when you get old like me :)

Exercise is for people who need an excuse not to do it again tomorrow.

Excuse not to do it again tomorrow? "Exercise" is not just a good excuse, it's a good reason to not do it again tomorrow.

My circuit is easy, it's mostly beautiful, it changes every day, and it's almost always the one of the best, most enjoyable thing I do all week. I never exercise though, that sounds quite unpleasant. I hope you don't either. Much better to do something that you really enjoy, in a place of beauty, with all kinds of juices flowing through you bringing sensations that make you know you are alive.

I come back from my circuit and I'm a new guy. Nothing better. Sometimes I'm also exhausted, but I know for sure that I'm alive, and I feel pretty happy about that.

Don't let anyone ever talk you into exercising, do something fun instead. Life is to be enjoyed.