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Better Not To Just Run Over Bicyclists

19 Mar 2010
Posted by Pete Carapetyan

Lance Armstrong took this one on this week, and created quite a stir on the internet.

Catch it on youtube or google search for as much as your stomach can take. This is what makes America great, a jerk like this can find an audience for his hatred and intolerance, and milk it for all the money it is worth. Yeesh.

Kind of makes me a jerk too, for reacting so negatively - but I kind of have this visceral thing about people talking so freely about running over cyclists, and making money off of it to boot.

Lowest common denominator keeps getting lower.

Let's keep one thing out in the open, I'm a cyclist too, and I've done plenty of things around cars in the last 50 years riding bikes, to earn this kind of hatred. But that's my point, life is like that. I've also been in the wrong as a pedestrian, or especially as a motorist. In my mind, this does not mean I have earned cyclists or pedestrians or motorists some form of retribution, any more than I should punish that guy who pulled in front of me last week by ramming his car.

These are weird times, for hatred like this to be so mainstream.