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Addison Circle to Whte Rock Creek to Katy Trail Cycling Route

03 May 2010
Posted by Pete Carapetyan

This cycling route is published on in it's own page.

There and back, 40 miles total, a quite pleasant trip that can be done in 3 1/2 hours.

Starting at Addison Circle this is a scenic route through the following parts of Dallas

  • Neighborhoods, to the head of the White Rock Creek Trail
  • White Rock Creek Trail to White Rock Lake
  • Lakewood and then "M Streets" neighborhoods to head of Katy Trail
  • Katy Trail up towards CityPlace

It features mostly (but not totally) low traffic residential streets for the connecting points, then quite beautiful pastoral rides through the White Rock Creek trail, all the way to White Rock Lake.

Then, instead of the usual ride around the lake, it features a ride up through neighborhood streets North of Lakewood, and then up through the older M Streets, crossing Central Expressway at McCommas.

Then picks up the stunningly beautiful Katy Trail near it's Northern head, and takes it to Lemmon Avenue. 

At this point you have traveled 20 miles, so if you head back same way you came, it's a nice 40 mile loop.